1. Should I Go Natural?

    Over the past decade people have been more conscious of health and what they put into their bodies. The emergence of 24 hour gyms, radical diets and fitness fads has boomed and is continuing to grow. It’s not just about what people put into their bodies though, these days’ people are watching what they put on their bodies. Studies and technology have allowed us to get scientific insight into what we have long suspected – some chemicals and compounds used in popular body washes and shampoos are carcinogens or harmful to the skin, hair and body.

    Now at an accelerating pace, once completely chemically based companies now are using more natural based ingredients. Health regulating bodies are also becoming more critical and selective over what is and isn’t allowed. This combined with the growing health conscience of the public is causing start-ups such as men’s natural shampoo company Young Jackson to break into the market.  These companies are experiencing huge success, with the male natural skin and haircare market rapidly growing in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

    Whist this market is growing, there still are some criticisms. Traditionally, natural based products are inferior in their final product. This once was true, and still is for many products on the market, but with advances in chemical engineering and technology natural ingredients are fast catching up and exceeding those which are chemical based.

    The biggest advantage though is still the most obvious – the associated health benefits. Many companies also are environmentally conscious and responsible and even run initiatives with charities to give profits back to much deserved causes.

    It’s clear that the future holds a much healthier and socially responsible beauty product market. This is a win-win situation for anyone whom is involved


  2. SEO - Why Small Business Owners Should Invest in SEO Services

    SEO is one technique which can help your company go places. Most business owners who regularly use SEO services see a sudden rise in their Google ranking. This is done with the help of local citations. In fact local SEO works for businesses even if they are strictly offline.

    The following is a compilation of the benefits which SEO has for small businesses:

    • Search engine optimization can help take your business to the very top. Sounds too good to be true, however it does help improve your web presence.
    • It can help you compete with the people at the top. Unlike large companies small business may not be able to invest in humungous advertising campaigns. Again this is the time when SEO comes to your rescue. It’s a great advertising technique minus the cost of usual advertising.
    • It can help improve your online presence. For example if someone wants to know about your business and your services they are going to look you up on Google. Imagine not having a website. It would give the impression that your business just doesn’t exist. These days its equally important for local businesses to have an online presence. No website means almost zero exposure.
    • Research has proved that most people almost always Google a business before actually considering it or using its services. SEO can help your business get a good ranking so that when your particular service is searched for you would appear in the top few results.
    • Appearing in the top few can actually help generate productive leads. One major benefit of using SEO is to generate leads which are useful. Just make sure that all SEO techniques should be white hat. Spamming or black hat techniques would simply result in your website being shut down. It may generate leads but those won’t be productive.
    • Using SEO can help your website be more user-friendly. This means that everything which your business has to offer is mentioned in a clear and concise manner on your website. People are prone to give business if they find something interesting about it. It could imply be the way you provide your services. SEO specialists make use of certain techniques to make sure that your website is visually appealing and provides the necessary information the user is looking for. Plus it should be easy to navigate and that is actually a plus point. The better experience a user has on your website can result in getting a loyal clientele.
    • The key is to invest in ongoing SEO services. The major mistake which most business owners do is to stop using SEO services once they see results. The key is to make sure that you don’t only get to the top but stay there as well.

    SEO can help improve your business. However it’s not just about seeing an improvement, it’s more about making sure that there is a continuous growth. It’s one of those steps which could actually help you achieve your goals.

    For a great SEO company visit Resolve. They have been helping small business owners achieve a commendable web presence.